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Welcome to the beauty, hair and beauty salon World! My name is Rey Ybarra and it's the best writing in the cosmetics industry & # 39; s leading Internet Video Vlog site features programming leading businesses and services. This exciting Internet video site covers a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, beauty, hair, cosmetics, fashion, Nails, Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Image Micro Derm, Lypossage, Organic Skin Care, Laser skin care and many more.

I recently just finished production in one of the best exhibitions in the country! The Resort Spa Medical Spa Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This three-day event, great new products and services, as well as several performances. We took a few big companies feature amazing product! I had a facial done live on camera while he interviewed the owner of the business! I wish I had time to complete the treatment. It was a great feeling, and I got a little insight into what women feel, customer base, while going through such a process.

The cosmetic industry is a huge and fascinating industry that is constantly changing to accommodate the ever more demanding audience. In addition, the production lines for men is growing rapidly! So guys, do not feel bad. There are a lot of products now. One of the fringe benefits of my sampling of the latest products on the market. So for us men, we can say, catching up with the ladies as anti-aging skin care and go!

constantly adding programming to the show! I hope you really enjoy the interviews and the latest products and services to you we will. Please share with your family and friends know the program.

In the future, I write more articles and new programming and interviews. So stay tuned!

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