Beauty – Why it & # 39; s more than skin deep

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Today, television and other media, we & # 39; constantly bombarded with images beautiful people. People who seem to have it all – the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect clothes. But these are examples of external beauty, it's just the surface. Beauty deeper inner beauty, and it's not so easy to determine because it is no more than please the eye. It delights all the senses, including the mind and emotions. Inner beauty is more important than external beauty, it can not be destroyed and will not fade with time, as the external beauty is not. So, as long as & # 39; in an attempt to create the perfect body, the perfect hair, perfect clothes, be sure to spend equal time to make yourself as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Here & # 39; and how

1. Develop a strong character striving to be kind, generous, caring, and compassionate to everyone who you meet. You can do this resist negative forces of the media and confirm the true personality. It & # 39; and sometimes it's hard to say who you are as much in the middle of a double message about what should be done and what the media expects of you. But you can do starting from the inside out.

2. Develop self-confidence and self-esteem striving to build inner strength. This can be done in developing a sense of calm and peace in yourself so that the media and advertisers will no longer be a means to negatively affect how you feel about yourself. Only then will you feel beautiful, whether or not the products that advertisers are promoting.

3. Develop a healthy self-image does not allow the media to dictate that it should look and feel, or what weight is best suited for you (if the size and height). Instead, it should strive to celebrate the unique physical properties, even if they do not measure up to the media & # 39; s standards of beauty. Just to celebrate a special body image.

4. Redefining Beauty yourself so that the external appearance is only a matter of beauty, and not even the most important. It can be difficult to promote a world which is operated by the consumer. You are constantly told the media that & # 39; not good enough or thin enough and that certain cosmetics or products can help you look and feel, perfect and happy. The truth is that these products are only developing yourself into an obstacle.

Rather than develop the inner qualities and character, so that the inner beauty can shine through. Do not allow yourself to become a clone of the media. Instead of a unique modeling authentic self, of who you are and not worrying if you do not & # 39; Fit & # 39; the world that fabricated by the media. All you unique beauty that you have to celebrate as many ways as possible. We must all learn how to love yourself enough to express the real beauty through other people's behavior and actions, do not be afraid that someone will reject or do not believe to be beautiful. You're beautiful the way you are!

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